7 Islamic Teachings that Muslims Don’t Want Christians to Know

Qur'anDr. Michael Horton, in the latest White Horse Inn broadcast (“Christianity Confronts Islam”) on November 29, 2009, interviewed Muslim scholar and former professor of Shari’ah law Sam Solomon, who had to flee his own country after his conversion to Christianity. Here are some clarifications he made, most of the time quoting the Qur’an by memory:

  • Islam is not a religion, but an all-encompassing social, political, economic, educational, cultural and religious system cloaked in religious terminology.
  • Islam sees the world divided into two groups: Muslims and non-Muslims. The non-Muslims are enemies who must be subjugated by force, and those who do not want to be converted must be killed by the sword.
  • Jihad is a doctrine of war and terror on non-Muslims.
  • Jews and Christians are “apostates” who are under the penalty of death.
  • All non-Muslims are “profane” or unclean, and are the “worst of the creatures” of God.
  • The Qur’an includes a hodgepodge of Biblical stories. For example, it confuses Mary the mother of Jesus with Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron!
  • Every single prophet in the Bible was a Muslim, but Muhammad was greater than all of them.

bibletulip150Compare the above with the sanitized version of Islam that is proclaimed all over the media today. Many people, including those in the Christian camp, advocate the notion that Muslims, Jews and Christians are brothers who came from Abraham and believe the same God. The European Council of Churches, for example, has affirmed that Muhammad is a prophet of the Old Testament type!

Again, compare the above Qur’anic teachings with a New Testament story. In Luke 9:51-56, Jesus, James and John were passing by a Samaritan village, and the people rejected Jesus. The two disciples were so angry that they asked Jesus, “Lord, do you want us to tell fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” But Jesus rebuked the two.

According to Professor Solomon, Islamic jihad should be dealt with, not just with Cruise missiles, F-22 Raptors and M-1 tanks, but more so with the proclamation of the gospel of Christ.


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7 thoughts on “7 Islamic Teachings that Muslims Don’t Want Christians to Know”

  1. To Marco:
    We must never confuse the role of the State with that of the Church. Do you not remember that there is the separation of State and Church? Even the present military activity of the United States both in Afghanistan and Iraq is not to be associated with the Christian religion. In fact, the US military is so intent in proving that what they are doing has nothing to do with religion that it has banned its soldiers from proselytizing Muslims. Now whether this policy is correct or not is another matter altogether.
    My point here is that Christians should not identify their faith and practice with what the State is doing, which is bearing the power of the sword in the restraint of evil. Christians should recognize that such is the proper role and duty of the State (or Civil Magistrate). A soldier, who is also a Christian, may participate in the war against terrorism but that is his personal duty as a soldier. That should have nothing to do with his church or his Christian religion.
    There are those who believe in the myth that the US is a Christian nation. It is not. There have been Christian movements (ex. Christian Coalition, Religious Right, etc.) in the past that attempted to “Christianize” US politics but their aims are misguided and their era is now over. The moment people stop believing in this myth, the sooner will they realize that what the US military is doing in those Islamic nations is not a war on Islam itself.
    Christians do not battle against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12). Christianity has always been criticized for being involved in violence. Such criticism appears true so long as Christianity is confused with Christendom (an idea that originates with the Roman Catholic empire wherein there is hardly any separation of Church and State). The false notion of advancing the Kingdom of God by the sword served as fodder to the Crusades. We must learn from history. Such mistakes are not to be repeated again. The kingdom of God is only advanced by the Gospel as proclaimed through His Word. The role of the State is not an instrument to this cause. Even in the absence of a State that protects from terrorists or Islamic jihadists, the kingdom of God will advance through the preaching of the Word. Persecution or violence under Nero did not stop the advancement of God’s kingdom then, so why should it do so now?

  2. So, if the radical Islams bombed another city, we should send them preachers and see what happen? Any one of you willing to take responsibility with that  or that’s simply a talk and opinion?

    1. This is precisely what many Christians do today in many countries. And many, knowing the dangers, have lost life and limb doing so.

    2. And this is also why the prosperity gospel people like the Benny Hinns, the Joel Osteens, and the G-12 Movement are exposed by the Scriptures. How will they preach their false gospel to Christians in many countries of the world who are suffering because of their faith?

  3. Rafael T. Martinez

    I agree with Bro. Solomon that Islamic Jihad should be dealt with, not with Cruise missiles, F-22 Raptors and M-1 tanks, but witht the gospel of Chirst,  for the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16).

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