usinggod_sm.gifDr. Kim Riddlebarger’s article, “Using God,” in the latest Modern Reformation issue has caught my attention, since it is somewhat related to my post about televangelist hucksters.

In the article, Riddlebarger writes that man’s sinful pride results in a couple of ways in which he diminishes God:

First, there are those who see the power of Jesus in his miraculous healings, raising of the dead, and casting out demons as an opportunity for monetary profits. Riddlebarger says that already in the early church, there were many who claimed “the leading or the prompting of the Holy Spirit to ask for money,” as the seven sons of Sceva tried to do (Acts 19:11-20).

And all the way to the present, many seek personal gain in the name of our Lord, most notably in the “signs and wonders,” prosperity and self-esteem movements today. Some of the more notorious ones are Jimmy Swaggart and Oral Roberts in the 80s, and the six nefarious televangelists whom Senator Grassley is investigating today.

Second, there are those who use the name of God for political gains, mistakenly claiming that “God is on America’s side” and the Christian mission is to “take the country back for God.” They use God as a divine “mascot,” claiming that God supports their personal moral crusades, e.g., “God supports Republicans.”

Excellent read.


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