Turning Christianity into Mythology


Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, T. D. Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Frederick Price, Creflo Dollar, and many others in the prosperity gospel movement have turned Christianity into mythology.

The following are among the mythology and fairy tales these abominable heretics have concocted:

Ancient God in Faraway Planet: 6’2″ and 200 Pounds

Once upon a time, long long ago, on a faraway planet, there lived a good God. This God was very much like you and me—a Being who stands about 6’2″ to 6’3″, weighs a couple of hundred pounds, and has a handspan of about 9 inches. ~ Kenneth Copeland

God the Father is a person separate from the Holy Ghost… Do you know that the Holy Spirit has a soul and a body separate from that of Jesus and the Father? …God the Father then is a triune being within Himself. He’s a person, He has a soul… and He has hair… has eyes… has a mouth… has hands (Benny Hinn).

The term “Trinity” is not a biblical term, to begin with… When God got ready to make a man that looked like him, he didn’t make three. He made one man. However, that one man had three parts. He was body, soul, and spirit. We have one God, but he is Father in creation, Son in redemption, and Holy Spirit in regeneration (T. D. Jakes).

God’s Force of Faith

God’s wisdom and power were so great that He could visualize beautiful images and then turn the images into reality(Charles Capps) by utilizing a special power called the force of faith (Copeland).

After carefully visualizing every detail of this wonderful world, God went into action. Releasing the force of His faith like a whirlwind, God spoke into existence the planet He saw in His mind’s eye (Capps). And was God excited! Looking down with fondness on this classic new creation, He named it planet Earth.

God Created a Little “god”: Adam the Superman

So God spoke, and suddenly out of the pristine soil of planet Earth there arose another god [Adam]—a god spelled with a small “g,” but a god nonetheless. As the image of this little god (Crouch) took form, God saw that He had outdone Himself. For there, before His eyes, stood another god—with a body just like His own, including size and shape (Copeland).

God finally had done it! He had thought the unthinkable, and by His Word of faith God had created a creature that was not even subordinate to Himself (Copeland).

But was God ever glad, for now He had a colleague whose nature was identical to His own—a god who could think like Him, be like Him, and do almost (but not quite) everything that He could do. God called His carbon copy “Adam,” and gave him complete dominion and authority over the entire creation (Kenneth Hagin). This creature had so much power that his Creator could not do anything in the earth realm without first obtaining his permission (Frederick Price).

Adam was truly a super-being! He could fly like the birds and swim underwater like a fish. And that’s not all. Even without a space suit, Adam could fly through the universe. In fact, with a single thought he could transport himself to the moon! (Benny Hinn)

Mankind “Born Again” by Satan to be Demonic

Alas, not only did Adam and Eve lose their nature as gods, but they were infused with the very nature of Satan.Adam had become the first person to be born again; he was “born” with the nature of God and “born again” with the nature of Satan (E. W. Kenyon).

In one blinding instant, the first man and woman were transformed from divine to demonic, becoming susceptible to sin, sickness, suffering—and, more importantly, spiritual death. In fact, Eve’s body (which was originally designed to give birth out of the side), underwent a radical transformation. From that moment on, she and her female offspring would bring forth children from the lower region of their anatomies (E. W. Kenyon).

God a Pathetic Failure

In that fateful moment, Adam and Eve were barred from Eden and God was banished from the earth. Satan now had legal rights to the earth and all her inhabitants (Kenyon), and God was left on the outside desperately searching for a way to get back in (Copeland).

God, in a flash, had become the greatest failure of all time. Not only had He lost His top-ranking angel as well as at least a third of His other angels, but now He had also lost the first man, the first woman, and the earth and all its fullness! (Copeland)

Abraham a Fortune 500 Man

Abraham could well have told God to “buzz off” (Copeland). Instead, he decided to buy into God’s deal. In fact, God and Abraham became blood brothers (Kenyon). They forged a covenant that would gain Abraham health and wealth, and regain for God a foothold in the world He had created (Capps). God’s plan was to make Abraham the father of all nations and to produce from his seed another Adam who would regain the turf lost by the first Adam.

In keeping with His Word, God made Abraham very, very wealthy. Then, once again. He proceeded to visualize. Through God’s mind raced images of a brand new Adam—a man who would one day restore Him to His rightful place in the universe and who would forever banish His archrival, Satan, from the kingdom.

Jesus, Paul, and Other Disciples Had Versace Wardrobe and Drove a Lamborghini

And then it happened! One day the image of this Savior coalesced in God’s mind. Without hesitation, God began speaking into existence the picture of the Redeemer He had painted on the canvas of His consciousness.Excitedly, God positively confessed, “The Messiah is coming, the Messiah is coming!” (Copeland)

The second Adam was named Jesus. As Abraham’s descendant, Jesus was wealthy and prosperous. He lived in a big house.handled big moneyand even wore designer clothes (John Avanzini). In fact, Jesus was so wealthy that He needed a treasurer to keep track of all His money (Price).

Jesus, who was a whiz at speaking things into existence (Capps), showed His disciples how to master the art of positive confession (Hagin).Thus they too enjoyed unlimited health and wealth. Some of His followers caught on so well that they became rich beyond comprehension. The apostle Paul, for example, had so much money that government officials would work feverishly to try to get a bribe out of him (Avanzini).

Jesus also overcame every trick and temptation that Satan could throw His way. Even though He never claimed to be God, Jesus succeeded in living a life of sinless perfection (Copeland).

From Immortal Man to Demonic, Little, Wormy Spirit

And then, in the prime of His life, Jesus entered a garden—a garden much like Eden, where the first Adam had lost his godhood. In this garden, called Gethsemane, Jesus moved into the final stages of a process that would transform Him from an immortal man to a satanic being (Kenyon) and would, in turn, recreate men as little gods who would no longer be subject to the scourge of sin, sickness, and suffering (Hinn).

As part of the process, Jesus would have to die a double death on the cross. He would have to die spiritually as well as physically. If physical death had been enough, the two thieves on the cross could have atoned for the sins of mankind (Price). No, the real key was spiritual death and suffering in hell.

One day, upon a cruel cross, the crystal Christ—the paragon of virtue—was transformed into a defiled demoniac. The lamb became a serpent (Capps) and was ushered into the very bowels of the earth. There Christ was tortured by Satan and his minions (Paul E. Billheimer). And all hell laughed (Capps).

Little did Satan know, however, that the last laugh would be on him. For just as Adam had fallen for Satan’s trap in Eden, now Satan had fallen for God’s trap in hell (Capps).

You see, Satan had blown it on a technicality. He had dragged Jesus into hell illegally (Capps). Satan had completely forgotten to consider that Jesus had not actually sinned. Jesus had merely become sin as a result of the sin of others. Alas, Satan and his demonic hosts had tortured the emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit of Christ without legal rights (Copeland).

Jesus Born Again from a Satanic Being to an Incarnation of God

This was exactly the opening God had been looking for. Seizing the moment, God spoke His faith-filled words into the bowels of the earth. Suddenly the twisted, death-wracked spirit of Jesus began to fill out and come back to life. He began to look like something the Devil had never before seen (Copeland).

There, in the sinister presence of the evil one himself, Jesus began to flex His spiritual muscles. As a horde of whimpering demons looked on, Jesus whipped the Devil in his own backyard. He snatched Satan’s keys and emerged from hell as a born-again man (Copeland).

God had pulled off the coup of the ages. Not only had He tricked Satan out of his lordship by using Jesus as the bait, but He had also caught Satan on a technicality through which Jesus could be born again (Hinn).

During that time He entered hell… God rose up from His throne and said to demon powers tormenting the sinless Son of God, ‘Let Him go.’ Then the resurrection power of Almighty God went through hell and filled Jesus… He was resurrected from the dead – the first born-again man” (emphasis mine). (Joyce Meyer)

You Too Can Live in Your Taj Mahal and Drive a Rolls Royce

But that’s not all. Because Jesus was re-created from a satanic being to an incarnation of God, you too can become an incarnation◊as much an incarnation as Jesus Christ of Nazareth! (Hagin) And, as an incarnation of God, you can have unlimited health and unlimited wealth—a palace like the Taj Mahal with a Rolls Royce in your driveway (Price). You are a little messiah running around on earth! (Hinn)

Anyone who tells you to deny your self is from Satan.” “You will die! You will die unless you go to the phone and do what God says to do (Paula White).

When you don’t give money, it shows that you have the devil’s nature. Poverty is from the devil and that God wants all Christians prosperous (Hinn).

You Too can Create Anything by the Power of Your Own Words

You have enough glory in your mouth that when you declare a thing, then it shall be established… Touch your neighbor and say, ‘You have power in your mouth.’ Tell them, ‘There is power in your words.’ (Eddie Long).

Each day you should declare good things. Just look in the mirror and say ‘I am strong, I am healthy, I’m rising to new levels, I’m excited about my future.’ When you say that, it may not be true… Your words have enormous creative power. The moment you speak something out, you give birth to it (Joel Osteen).

All it takes is to recognize your own divinity. You too can harness the force of faith. Never again will you have to pray, “Thy will be done.” (Price) Rather, your Word is God’s command (Copeland). By using your tongue to release the force of faith, you can speak whatsoever you desire into existence (Jerry Savelle). Then you can live happily ever after on this planet of prosperity.

Excerpted from Christianity in Crisis by Hank Hanegraaff (Harvest House, 1993). Available at Mars Hill Study Center Library in Pasig. Some quotes also from “Doctrine of Scripture” by Allen Vander Pol, Miami International Theological Seminary.


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