Tagalog-English Westminster Confession

Today, I picked up from the printer 100 copies of the Westminster Confession of Faith Tagalog-English Diglot Version. Here’s the product description on the back cover:

In 1643, during a period of civil war, the English “Long Parliament” (under the control of Presbyterian Puritans) convened an assembly of theologians mostly composed of Puritan ministers, but included a few Scottish commissioners) at Westminster Abbey in London. Their task was to advise Parliament on how to bring the Church of England into greater conformity with the Church of Scotland and the Continental Reformed churches.

The Westminster Assembly produced documents on doctrine, church government, and worship that have largely defined Presbyterianism down to this day. These documents included a Confession of Faith (1646), a Larger Catechism (1647), and a Shorter Catechism (1647), often collectively called the “Westminster Standards.”

The great Princeton theologian B. B. Warfield called the Westminster Confession “the most thoroughly thought out and most carefully guarded statement ever penned of the elements of evangelical religion…. filled with the expressed essence and breathing the finest fragrance of spiritual religion.”

Product Details

Paperback: 121 pages
Publisher: Far East United Reformed Ministries, Inc. (May 2009)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.5 x 0.35 inches

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Anyone interested in getting a copy may write a comment here or email me at dvopilgrimatgmaildotcom. The cost is 120 pesos ($2.50) each, and the proceeds will be used to print more copies. To preview, click on the thumbnails below:

Front Cover
Table of Contents 1
Table of Contents 2
Sample Pages


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6 thoughts on “Tagalog-English Westminster Confession”

  1. Nenita R. Ibarra

    This is a helpful material to use for Bible studies. How can I order copies of the book?

  2. Dennis Conroy


    This is wonderful for reformed believers in the Philippines! It would be great to get one for my pastor in Davao, however, I am currently in the US. Maybe when I return to Davao I can remember that these are available.
    We had planned to return to Davao in late July, but not being fully supported yet we will probably be delayed several months. 🙁

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