Santa Claus and Other Myths

candidchristmas.JPGOr is “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” real? How about the Christmas tree, mistletoe and Rudolph?

I just stumbled upon a review of a new book, Christmas: A Candid History, written by Bruce David Forbes. Forbes is a Methodist and a professor of Religious Studies at Morningside College and the co-editor of Religion and Popular Culture in America.

Being a history buff, I read the Amazon and Foreword reviews with interest, so I’m wondering if I should get a copy. I’m wary, though, of two things: a mainline author I haven’t heard of until now, and a suspect publisher, University of California Press (mainline theologians and UC aren’t exactly bastions of Biblical inerrancy).

Anyone who has read it? Is it worth getting?


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2 thoughts on “Santa Claus and Other Myths”

  1. Don’t bother with this book. I scanned the first chapter and the index and it’s a fairly mediocre writing. Purely an historical view, with a nod to bible origins but really about how all the crazy traditions of trees, santa, yule logs and carols come to be. Not sure about the theology, but I’m guessing it simply isn’t in there at all.

  2. When I was a child, I used to believe that Santa Claus was real. My parents would wake me up on Christmas Eve and tell me that Santa came and left his gifts for me. I would be surprised to see that the empty socks I left by our window already had some valuables. Little did I know that they were from my parents.

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