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Sermon Series on the Civil Government

In view of the coming presidential election, I preached a three-part sermon series on the civil government based mainly on Romans 13:1-7 supplemented by the Belgic Confession of Faith Article

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Why the Federal Vision Resurgence?

Piper does not hold to any of the Reformed confessions or catechisms. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a Christian or that he doesn’t teach useful things. But it does mean that we shouldn’t be surprised when he teaches something outside the confessional standards.

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Hell’s Disappearing Act

To many, how can a God who is perfectly loving, merciful, gracious and good, send people to an utterly despicable destination?

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My name is Nollie Malabuyo, Pastor of Big Springs Community Church in Montague, California since June 2015. I served as a missionary church planter in the Philippines from 2008-14, and as a missionary for Wycliffe Bible Translators from 1995-2008.