layinghandsAt the most recent Verge: Missional Community Conference, one of the speakers challenged his fellow pastors  to “ordain every Christ follower.” He invited all those who felt God’s calling to come forward and “ordained” and “anointed” them to whatever ministry they felt God was calling them.

This is a gross misunderstanding of Peter’s call to Christians to be “a royal priesthood” (1 Pet 2:9) and the Reformation’s “priesthood of all believers.” Did Peter and the Reformers ordain every member of their churches to be a Minister of the Word and Sacrament? Would you go to your auto mechanic to diagnose your back pain? Would you pay your lawyer to fix your fridge? Yet, this is what churches do today: call untrained, Biblically-illiterate men and women to preach, “lead” Bible studies, and head all kinds of “ministries” because they have “leadership” and “transformational” skills.

What is this “priesthood of all believers” that I’m talking about? If we read 1 Peter 2:9, he calls all believers to serve God daily by proclaiming His “excellencies” to His glory, just as priests served God in the temple. Whether we’re auto mechanics, lawyers, chimney sweeps, or doctors, all Christians are to serve God in our vocations. No vocation is superior or more “sacred” than any other. We are to work our vocations “as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man” (Eph 6:6-7).

Speaking of training for the Ministry of Word and Sacrament, many evangelicals might be loathe to the idea of seminary, but John Piper says he prefers seminary training over church-based training. Did you ever notice that most heretics (if not all) such as Montanus, Charles Finney and Benny Hinn did not have formal seminary training? Not that seminary training guarantees orthodoxy, but many who are attracted to false teachings are the ones without training.

Some will argue that the apostles were not seminary-trained, but who trained them? It was the greatest seminary teacher of all, our Lord Jesus Christ! He taught them for three years before they were sent out into all the world to preach and teach.


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6 thoughts on “Ordain Every Mike and Meg?”

  1. So what happen to those who ordain the “Megs” in the church..and to “Meg” itself?  A lot of churches are still doing this…The Unida and Presbyterians are good examples.

    1. These are not the only churches who are in total violation of Biblical prohibitions against women as pastors, elders and deacons. Almost all churches today allow women to preach and teach men. Foreign women missionaries are regularly asked to preach in the church and teach adult women and men alike in Sunday schools and Bible studies.

      Because of this, they will reap what they sow, and will be accountable to God on Judgment Day.

      Here are some good presentations on women’s role in the church:

      “Oppression of Women???” by David T. Wayne

      “More on the Oppression of Women” by David T. Wayne

      “Men and Women in Ministry: Should Women Serve as Elders in the Local Church” by Sam Storms

      “Women in Office, Especially About ‘Deaconesses'” by Soon-Gil Hur

  2. It’s a yes or no answer as far as I’m concerned.  Some seminaries now in the U.S.  are in trouble. The problem is they hire professors who are not Bible based Christians and  the students coming out of the seminaries are even having doubts on the the validity of the Bible…at least some part of it. And that’s a major problem.
    In regards to the Apostles….Apostle Paul wasn’t  taught by our Lord Jesus Christ in person and yet he wrote so many of the epistles in the Bible.

    1. Paul most likely was taught personally by our Lord Jesus Christ when he went off to “Arabia” for three years (Gal 1:17-18). It’s striking that three years is a common thread in the NT concerning training and teaching. Where’s Arabia? Paul probably went to Mount Sinai in Arabia (Gal 4:25).

    2. By the way, ordaining Meg is totally disobedient to God’s clear prohibition of ordaining women to any of the church offices: pastor, elder or deacon.

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