“Obsessed with Rapture”

John Nelson DarbyEarly Dispensationalist Does the Bible teach the idea of a secret rapture before a seven year tribulation period? What is the origin of this view? On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts discuss various end-times scenarios, and evaluate them with the light of Scripture.

Listen to White Horse Inn’s broadcast “Obsessed with Rapture” as it examines these questions.

While you’re at it, you can also listen to Dr. Kim Riddlebarger’s latest prophecy lecture: “What’s a Thousand Years Among Friends?”

You may be in for a surprise!


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3 thoughts on ““Obsessed with Rapture””

  1. Aneida Alexander

    I am a pan-millennialist… I believe everything will pan out in the end.  (tee hee)

    I admit as a young adult I was caught up in the Hal Lindsey drama.  I think I was about 22 or so – I had dinner with my dad (who was also my SS teacher in high school) where I told him I did not expect to live to old age since I was the same age as Israel, i.e., born in 1948.

    Okay, I’ve matured since then.  To begin with the Jews are not in their homeland.  Not by a long shot.  Just to begin with….

    I am weary of those who want to study eschatology – oh, how to say it? – spiritually immature people want to appear knowledgeable (Gnosticism?) and something else, um, pseudo intellectuals, those on the inside (uh, Gnostics?) with info others can’t understand.  Am I wrong in saying eschatology is fascinating as history written ahead of time (since God is in all time and place) so we can be reassured God is in control?  God is not one to keep secrets.  Once Jesus is revealed as the Messiah, that’s it.  Right?  Nothing is hidden.  No secrets.  There are things we don’t understand but that’s because we are the creatures and can’t know the mind of the Creator.  Am I okay in this?

    As a SS teacher I said, study eschatology but the odds are you will not be there.  Concentrate instead on your relationship with God and your witness.  Enjoy studying the passages about the future but live today for the Lord.  Am I okay in this?

    1. Hi Aneida,

      Thanks for the comment. This is why the emphasis of the discussion was on the present age – an age preaching the gospel and the sufferings of the saints – and on the victory of Christ in the age to come. Not on futile, and mostly, nonsensical speculation among the dispensational, left behind folks, which has led to many false prophecies, date-setting, and ridicule by the watching pagan world.

  2. I have serious questions about the rapture, and I tried to download the White Horse Inn broadcast, but it wouldn’t work, plus I have a hearing impairment. Could you instead Email me a printed  copy of that brooadcast?  I hope we get to touch bases sometime.

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