Know the Truth about “Angels & Demons”

Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA) has launched a Website,, to expose the latest farce by Dan Brown and Hollywood, “Angels & Demons.”

Dr. Peter Lillback, president of Westminster, explains the purpose of this new Website:

Our aim with this new site is to follow the injunction of the apostle Peter, who encouraged the Church to be prepared to gently and respectfully ‘make a defense’ to those who question the hope they have. Whether an individual chooses to see the ‘Angels & Demons’ film, we trust this site will be a helpful resource and catalyst for people of faith to be better equipped to engage in spiritual conversation generated by this significant media and cultural event.

“Is There Evidence that God Created Earth?”, an article written by Westminster Professor of New Testament Interpretation Dr. Vern S. Poythress, is an example of the many resources in this Website.

In May 2006, Westminster launched their earlier site,, to expose the historical and theological errors of “The Da Vinci Code.” To date, this Website has had 5.6 million page views.

“Know the Truth” also has an evangelistic tract, “Know the Truth: Who Do You Say I Am?”—which I have converted into a printable one-page MS Word booklet. Download it here. To print as a booklet, select “Booklet Printing,” “2 Pages Per Sheet,” and “Left Edge Binding” from the Print Menu.


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