“Justification? Never heard of it”

old BibleThis is the response of 53 percent of evangelicals surveyed during a recent Franklin Graham crusade, according to an informal White Horse Inn poll. Here are some other interesting results when asked if they agreed with these statements:

“Good people go to heaven; bad people get what they deserve” – 35 percent

“God is like a helpful coach. He wants to make you happy” – 96 percent

“Sermons should be inspiring and practical, fun and enjoyable” – 94 percent

“The best summary of the Christian gospel: (1) living for God – 36 percent; (2) Christ’s life, death and resurrection” – 35 percent

“Christianity is about personal transformation” – 66 percent

The most common question asked during an evangelistic conversation is, “When did you make Jesus as your Savior and Lord?” According to Horton, this is like asking Moses, “When did Israel make Jehovah their Redeemer?” Do we make God our Redeemer or does God make us his redeemed people?

The appalling thing is that an overwhelming majority of these, 90 percent, go to church weekly and think that studying Christian doctrine is a crucial component of Christian growth. What do their churches teach them? Does anyone read the Bible?


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2 thoughts on ““Justification? Never heard of it””

  1. The correct question usually asked is “when did you receive Christ as your Savior and Lord”? I do not hear the word “make” and these are Filipinos which are prone to error in speaking English. 

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