John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor

calvinbygodfreyDr. Robert Godfrey’s new book, John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor, will be released on April 30.  Having listened to Dr. Godfrey’s expert knowledge of church history—coupled with his witty lecture and writing style, I expect another must read. Here’s the publisher’s editorial on the book:

July 10, 2009, marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. His impact is unmistakable—a primary developer of western civilization whose life and work have deeply affected five centuries’ worth of pastors, scholars, and individuals.

What will surprise the readers of this book, however, is that Calvin did not live primarily to influence future generations. Rather, he considered himself first and foremost a spiritual pilgrim and a minister of the Word in the church of his day. It was from that “essential” Calvin that all his influence flowed. Here is an introduction to the essential life and thought of one of history’s most influential theologians.

You can order this book—and other church history books—from the carousel below.

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey is President of and Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary in California. He is also a minister in the United Reformed Churches.


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