Israel’s Jubilee Fulfilled in the Philippines!

year-of-jubileeReally? If Moses were alive today, he would have died laughing at the “Intercessors for the Philippines,” a group of Filipinos so gullible to the deception of Cindy Jacobs, a well-known false prophet. In their Facebook note, they proclaim a new revelation, previously unknown to all Christians in 2,000 years of church history,

This was a glorious unveiling of something no one was aware of, a message of hope that has gone throughout the whole width and breath of our nation and that has triggered unprecedented prayers and fasting throughout the whole Body of Christ!

According to their hex-egesis, 2010 would be the 490th year since Ferdinand Magellan planted the Roman Catholic cross on the Philippine islands in 1521. What’s the significance of 490 years? Based on Israel’s 49 years before the Jubilee on the 50th year, 49 X 10 = 490.

So, Israel’s Jubilee commemoration described in Leviticus 25:8-17 is actually only a foreshadow of God’s plan for the Philippines!

Another text they added to their hex-egesis is Daniel 9:24, saying, “The 490th year therefore is a Jubilee of Jubilees! Based on Daniel 9:24, six redemptive events are powerfully defined: 1. finish transgression; 2. put an end to sin; 3. make reconciliation for iniquity; 4. establish everlasting righteousness; 5. seal up vision and prophecy; and 6. anoint the Holy of Holies.”

Again, Daniel’s prophecy about Israel, Christ and the Church is actually God’s prophecy for the Philippines!

How insightful! How profound!

Lastly, they proclaim that their prophets from all over the world have declared that:

1. The Philippines is destined to be a sheep nation. (Matthew 25:31-46)
2. The Philippines will be a blessed nation. (Proverbs 14:34; Psalm 33:12)
3. The Philippines will be missionary-sending nation. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Now, I used all kinds of UV light, electron microscopes, and even employed CSI forensic scientists, but I couldn’t find an atomic hair or any hidden code that the verses above talk about the Philippines!

But seriously, what is this thing called the Jubilee?

The Hebrew festal calendar calls for every 7th year as a sabbatical year, when all agricultural activities are to cease. Reflecting God’s Sabbath rest, both land and people are to rest on the 7th year. After 7 weeks of years (or 7×7=49 years), the 50th year following will be another sabbatical year, which is called the Jubilee.

The Hebrew word yobel, is related to a word that means “ram’s horn,” (or trumpet), which is to be sounded throughout Israel on the Day of Atonement, the beginning of the 50th year. The regulations of the Jubilee are the same as for the sabbatical year: the land and the people are to rest. In addition, people are to return to their ancestral property, and those who have become slaves are also to be released.

Instead of working, the people were to spend the year resting from their labors and thanking God for giving them rest and liberty. The Jubilee, then, is a year of worship and rest. God wanted the people to fully trust and depend on him who would provide for them for the next two years of not working their fields. It also teaches them that ultimately, all the land—indeed, everything—belongs to the Lord.

Far from being fulfilled by Filipinos, both the 7th year—sabbatical year—and the 50th year—the Jubilee—are fulfilled by Christ. This is why Jesus quotes Isaiah 61:1-2 when he proclaimed at the beginning of his earthly ministry,

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

He would fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy when he ministered to the poor, the blind, and the oppressed, and proclaimed the good news to them as a sign that the Kingdom of God had come. More importantly, he announced that the poor in spirit will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven; and those who are enslaved to sin and blinded and oppressed by the devil will be forgiven and set at liberty by the gospel.

Intertwined in Isaiah’s prophecy is the eschatological “year of the Lord’s favor” which Jesus inaugurated on that day he preached at the synagogue in his hometown Nazareth (Luke 4:16-21). What is this year? Isaiah refers back to the Jubilee in Leviticus 25:10:

And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you, when each of you shall return to his property and each of you shall return to his clan.

At the appointed year, the people will rest from their labors and all their indebtedness and slavery will be forgiven.

Is the Philippines in Daniel’s 70 Sevens?

A few centuries later, the angel Gabriel announced to Daniel, exiled in Babylon, a similar prophecy involving 70 sevens,

Seventy sevens [not “weeks”] are decreed about your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place.

This verse, Daniel 9:24, and the following verses 25-27, are much debated. Dispensationalists teach that the “70 sevens” are literal 490 years, and that between the 69th and 70th week is an indefinite “parenthesis” of time, when God’s salvation plan for Israel is suspended. This “parenthesis,” God’s Plan B, will last from Christ’s crucifixion to the so-called “secret” Rapture, now spanning 2,000 years! But in the dispensational hex-egesis, where is this “parenthesis” of 2,000 years in Daniel 9:24-27? Nowhere, of course.

Volumes have been written about the 70 weeks of Daniel 9, but to summarize the best exegesis, these 70 sevens, symbolizing a perfect fullness of time, begun in 538 B.C. when Cyrus decreed that the Jewish exiles could return to their homeland Israel.

After 69 sevens, “an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing,” obviously referring to the crucifixion of Christ, who “was cut off out of the land of the living” (Isa 53:8). This “anointed one,” the Messiah, “shall make a strong covenant with many for one week” when in the upper room, he declared to his disciples, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.” (Luke 22:20). And when he sacrificed himself, all of the old covenant Temple sacrifices and offerings were abolished once for all (Heb 9:12), fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy, “and for half of the week he shall put an end to sacrifice and offering” (Dan 9:27 b).

What else could fulfill Daniel 9:24 except the sacrificial death of Christ? He “atoned for” and “put an end” to the “transgression, sin and iniquity” of God’s people. With his perfect obedience all the way to the cross, he “brought everlasting righteousness.” Because God has completed his revelation to man through Christ his Son (Heb 1:1-2), and God’s Word is sufficient for the redemption of man (1 Tim 3:16), “all visions and prophecies have ceased” as God’s means of revelation. Finally, when Christ died on the cross, he “entered the holiest of the most holy places,” heaven itself (Heb. 9:11–14, 23–24), where he awaits his people’s entrance into their eternal Sabbath rest (Heb 4:9-10). Meanwhile, we his people are to cease from our own futile works of righteousness, and let Christ’s righteousness be counted to us by faith so we may be able to enter God’s jubilee rest.

All of these things were accomplished, finished, done—once for all—2,000 years ago by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It will never happen again—not this year or any other year in the future.

So, where does the Philippines figure in these prophecies? Only in the wild hallucinations of false prophets like Cindy Jacobs and the Intercessors for the Philippines.

For another funny Filipino twist to a Biblical text, read “Hexegesis.”

For more scholarly work on this subject, see the following:

“Hermeneutical Factors In Determining The Beginning Of The Seventy Weeks (Daniel 9:25)” by Vern Poythress

“The Covenant of the Seventieth Week” by Meredith G. Kline

Chart of Daniel’s 70 Weeks (PDF) by Lee Irons


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63 thoughts on “Israel’s Jubilee Fulfilled in the Philippines!”

  1. 1. I was referring to the “pastor” practicing Jericho walk, NOT to you Mr. Nollie. I believe you were one of the few Christians that is not susceptible to being “tossed in and fro.”
    2. Heres a link if you find getting a bible inconvenient as of the moment.
    v1. Three year famine. The Lord said to David it was because of Saul’s murder of Gibeonites.
    v2. David summoned the Gibeonites and ask for attonement.
    v5.  They ask for 7 descendants of Saul and David agrees.
    v9. All 7 were killed, and their bodies were exposed before the Lord.
    v10. Rain fell again. Does God approve this? Yes, He’s the one who cause rains.
    Now, this might look like child sacrifice. But it is not. It is simply an execution of their law “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” What I’m trying to say is that under the hands of those who interpret the Bible based on their emotion, this can be misleading. And again, I was not saying that you are one of those. On contrary, your article gives me hope that there are still Christians who are not easily swayed by “Harry Potter Christianity.”

  2. For our nation to prosper is to practice what we preach. True that Cindy Jacobs is a false prophet with all her unfulfilled revelations from “God.” We are a blessed nation with all the inherent wealth we have, in intelligence, culture, faith, skills and natural resources.
    We are lagging behind our many neighboring nations in the region despite their faith. It is discipline what we need. The leaders and politicians concern themselves with the economy with all the corruption. We are left behind because many of our economic policies are halted by the Catholic Hierarchies.
    The mindset that we have with a submissive attitude in the Catholic tradition like many Latin countries that opposes change makes us a poor country. Afterall industrialization happened after the reformation. Feudalism is still prevalent in this island nation and the Catholic Church still have big landholdings.
    It took 50 years for China to emerge as an economic giant, 20 years for Japan from postwar boom economy. We need an overhaul with our attitude and not make false hope with false prophets.
    We need reality check. For the Jews survived with the greatest miracle, the mind. They are fast learners and act if a supernatural phenomenon doesn’t exist.

    1. Same with South Korea and all other Asian neighbors. None of these countries you mentioned have a sizable evangelical population–they’re mostly Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus. Yet they’re now ages ahead of the Philippines in development and discipline. You’re right that for Filipinos, their so-called “Christianity” doesn’t translate in righteousness, justice, and discipline. The Philippines is truly a blackeye to the Christian faith.

  3. Yes nolie it is true. just tell the truth and let the holy spirit and the rest for GOD works.. it is very excellent and i appreciated you to let someone open his mind to the truth. just discuss and finish it with humbleness.

  4. Yes heresies are condemned but indirectly coz Paul uses ‘let him’ meaning that God alone can condemn a heretic. Kindly state what are biblical heresies for in our Christianity today all indeed are heretics for we condemn each other.
    Is Trinity an absolute doctrine? Does the bible definitely says that denying this doctrine is hellish? Are Oneness doctrine heretical? How did you know? Or it is only in your biased doctrinal stance is based. We cannot judge anyone to be hell bound for God alone can do that. What the Lord taught to His disciples and to all His children is to love one another yes even our enemies…..

    1. Levi, you’re saying that you’re not sure if Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Quiboloy’s church, are heretics. Please read your Bible and pray that your eyes will be open, because if not, like you’re saying, you’re hell-bound.

  5. Brethren,
    I know all of us wanted to be in the side of the truth. Yet truth in my point of view must be anchored not on our personal biases in the interpretation of scripture but by standing and believing what really the Bible says. What I mean is “Let the Bible speak for its own” from the original Hebrew in O.T. and Greek in N.T.
    The reason why we are so much divided is because of different interpretation and systematic theology which is biased destroying the intent of the original writer which is the Holy Spirit. Let the bible speak and not the interpreters e.g. theologians, bible scholars, denominational leaders etc.. And in truth we have not obeyed the Lord’s cardinal doctrine of loving one another. We have mustered the bible but still hate our brother. What is Love? Paul eloquently defines it in 1 Cor. 13 and we must apply it rather than continue to debate such unimportant issues like we have.
    Can a genuine believer go to heaven even believing wrong teaching? Will his salvation be affected despite God’s Sovereignty in salvation? I believe not. Because salvation is not in our merits but in the merits of the One who died on the cross.
    Thank you.

    1. Heresies, false gospels, and false prophets are not unimportant issues. Paul had no love for them, actually calling them accursed, fools, and bewitched. A genuine believer could not possibly believe in heresies; errors maybe. Tell me if someone like a Oneness Pentecostal who doesn’t believe in the Trinity is a genuine believer. Tell me if someone like Joel Osteen who teaches another gospel, which according to Paul is accursed, is a genuine believer.

  6. I just 22 years old with a simple faith and I know that God is working a different kind of work today, He’s really amazing, He’s the God of wonders.. We must not judge our fellow believers. Its true that we should do what the bereans do, they are searching the scriptures to see if there are any falsehood either false doctrine or false prophesy.Lets not complicate things, we must submit ourselves to God, We must be like little children in front of Him and surrender our lives and our belief system in order for us to get new and fresh revelations from Him. Blessed are the poor in the spirit, according to the beatitudes.

    I pray that God would lift the veil over us that we might receive revelation and enlightenment
    I pray that God would cast down anything that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God, specially pride and rebellion
    I pray that God would take down strongholds through pattern, opinions on religion, materialism, etc.
    I pray that God would bind satan from taking us captive, He will bind all wicked thoughts and lies that Satan would like to place in our minds
    I pray that the armor of God would be placed on us
    In Jesus mighty name amen.
    I seal this prayer and declaration by the power of the mighty blood of Jesus that was shed at the cross of calvary amen

    1. Are you satisfied with just your “simple faith” for the rest of your life? And how is God working differently today than all the rest of church history after the apostolic period? And why shouldn’t we judge other wolves in sheep’s clothing like these IFP false prophets? Were Jesus, Paul and the other apostles nice to false teachers? Didn’t they call them accursed, apostates, fools, bewitched, etc.? We judge, not because we don’t like people, or how we feel, or they’re different from us, but because they’re false teachers based on what the Scriptures say about their false teachings from the devil.

  7. You are not actually exposing you’re boldly ACCUSING don’t get confused or get mix up with that-looks like someone needs to grow up!…..for sure we’ll keep you in our prayers.

    1. Paul exposed false teachers by name: Hymenaeus and Philetus in 2 Tim 2:16-18 and 1 Tim 1:20 and Alexander the coppersmith in 1 Tim 1:20 and 2 Tim 4:14.

      I never accuse anyone of being a false prophet and a false teacher based on my own opinion, like you do. Have you read the Scriptures I cited? I don’t see any Biblical basis for anything you’ve said.

      Whenever you have blatant rejection of God’s word, especially when it’s done by well-known people with tens of thousands of followers like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Quiboloy, Velarde and Eddie Villanueva, mentioning them by name is absolutely essential to protect undiscerning sheep from the errors. Their teachings are not just small, little errors, but heresies.

  8. You’re saying one thing and saying another thing—-you’re so confused i think that’s what you get when you’re not in line with the word of God …pray for clarity bec looks like you don’t understand but you’re good with accusing and just to remind you the accuser of the brethren is the devil -I’m sure you know that even the devil can quote scriptures by the way -when he tempted Jesus when he was fasting the devil quoted a verse in Psalm 91, be the salt & light don’t get too carried away with your emotions and get too affected with the opinion of others- learn to respect them.
    I hope you will understand the Scripture well with clarity ask the Holy Spirt to enlightened you and more clarity as long as you’re teacheable that won’t be a problem…the H.S is our helper/comforter all you need to do is ask.
    I urge everyone reading this blog/posting let’s pray for our Brother Nollie – he needs our prayers let’s stand the gap for him… don’t waste time here do something worthwhile-REAL FRUIT, REAL FRUIT-EMBRACE LIFE!

  9. Pastor (?) I think you need to ask for wisdom from God i don’t want to give u lecture on FRESH REVELATION bec sounds like you’re not updated anymore and if i do give you details on that  seriously it’s a waste of time looks like you have an unteacheable spirit (just want to be honest) and you already have a preconcieved notion, as I was reading all your comments looks like it’s ALL HEAD KNOWLEDGE and sounds like no love at all but more on showing of ur head knowledge (my observation), the bible says God is love…I know one pastor here in my area who sound exactly like you it’s like a flash back to me when I was reading all your postings, but you know what a year or two years after  his church where he was pastoring got CLOSED bec slowly slowly people were not coming to that church anymore bec he was just displaying what he has in his brain / stored knowledge NO FRESH REVELATION FROM GOD which means he was not able to minister to the  need(s) of the church members attending, lecturing basically like a classroom type —-Bro God has always new revelation of his plans & purposes for each person i think you need to check on that and ask God for FRESH REVELATION for you personally.
    I sensed that you have too much bitterness or i dunno sounds like hatred inside of you – must be hard life (just want to be honest), don’t worry in God’s perfect time you’ll see everything unfolded in his perfect timing God works & moves in season and he deals with each person in season—- my suggestion is don’t waste time showing all your anger or bitterness through this blog believe me it’s not worth it, spend ur time on the REAL FRUIT and pray for those people you have assassinated thier character(s) and desire good things for them esp with thier christian walk-they don’t mean harm, i don’t undesratnd why ur so mad /angry with them ( as i sensed it). Bless you & wish I could help you so u can get over this and move on…God has always wonderful blessings ahead….

    1. Did you read the Scriptures I cited? Yes, I have hatred against those who deny the power of salvation in the gospel and instead depend on “fresh revelation.” You should then throw away your Bible.

      But keep on reading, even though you have no knowledge and understanding. Pray that God will give you knowledge, for he has said to Israel before he destroyed them,

      My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
      because you have rejected knowledge,
      I reject you from being a priest to me.
      And since you have forgotten the law of your God,
      I also will forget your children (Hos 4:6).

  10. We need fresh and new revelation from God .Personally I believed that we are not in the position to judge anyone the best suggestion is ASK for wisdom and the Lord will surely reveal.

    1. Why do you need “fresh and new” revelations from God? Are you not satisfied with God’s full revelation of Christ in Scriptures? The Bible is sufficient for all of our doctrine, worship and life:

      “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:16-17).

      We’re not to add or subtract from what God has revealed to us in the Bible:

      “You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God that I command you” (Deut 4:2).

      “Everything that I command you, you shall be careful to do. You shall not add to it or take from it” (Deut 12:32).

      “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: pif anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in qthe tree of life and in rthe holy city, which are described in this book” (Rev 22:18-19).

      Yes, we’re not to judge anyone, except by Scriptures. And yes, whenever we read Scriptures we’re to ask for wisdom so we may understand what we’re reading. We’re not to ask for new revelations, because the Scriptures are sufficient for all doctrine, worship and life.

  11. Lito, discerning truth from falsehood is one of the most important things that the apostles left with us. God is angry when his people do not discern and expose heresies like these. Yes, I’m very sure that God is pleased when his true gospel is preached.

    A lot of Christians seem to have joined this prophetic bandwagon and I am saddened by what appears to be a lack of discernment over these so called prophets.
    I am a (very cautious) continualist. Though I believe that spiritual gifts may still operate today, I hold fast to what the Scripture clearly tells us, and that is to test everything. 1 John 4:1 was a charge to believers to test the spirits & see whether they are from God due the rise of false prophets in those days. It is no different today. I pray that we will test everything in light of the Scripture.

  13. dear brother,
    if the jubilee year was a false prophecy for the philippines, would it cause great harm to the body of Christ and the nation if it leads us to repentance and turn back to God for the deliverance of our country?even if it was a deception from satan, i dont think he would allow prophets to invoke people to hold a 3 day national (representatives from luzon, visayas, mindanao)prayer and do that would expose his lies.i was there at rizal stadium and though skeptical at first, i was a witness to how God moved in that place. a number of around 20,000 christians were there ,willing to sacrifice food and sleep (6pm to 6am nightly for 3 days) just so they could repent and turn back to God individually and on behalf of our country.if it were not from God, why would it yield that kind of fruit from among christians?(Matthew 7:16 by their fruit, you will recognize them)why would the call be “to forgive one another” and ask God to heal the body of Christ and the nation?why was there much weeping  during confession in that place?why did it yield genuine love for God and country from among those who were there?why was there genuine humbling of oneself when pastors from different churches washed one another’s feet as a sign of reconciliation within the body of Christ( which was severed for many years because of division and retaliation)?if it were a false prophecy, would not the Lord, in His mercy, expose it right away since the gathering’s objective is to seek His will?the nature of that conference was not a way to manipulate God and people.there was not even any mention or endorsement of any presidential candidate.whether the prophecy is true or not,it stirred up  filipino christians for the first time to heed God’s call in 2 chronicles 7:14 “if My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” anyway you look at it, it is Christ’s victory.and anyway you look at it, it  is for the benefit of our nation. because surely the Lord will never ignore the sincere corporate cry of His people.

    1. First, as I said, I’m not against praying for the country and its leaders. I’m against false teachers and false prophets who mislead people. The end does not justify the means. God does not bless false teachers, even if their desire is to lead people to repent. Don’t all of these heretics such as Quiboloy, Manalo, Mormons, etc., teach people to repent of their sin?

      Second, as I’ve pointed out, taking Scripture out of context and then misleading, flattering and patronizing people with their bad hexegesis so as to please itching ears is not the way to lead the flock.

      Third, big numbers do not necessarily mean blessing by God. If this is the case Jesus’ earthly ministry is a huge failure. His church numbered 120 after a 3-1/2-year ministry.

      Fourth, washing of feet, weeping and other display of emotions is not proof that a teaching is true or false. Even pagans exhibit these things. The only way to determine if a teaching is sound is by exposing it under the light of Scripture.

      Fifth, these false teachers with their false exegeses mislead people into thinking that because of 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Philippines will be God’s blessed chosen nation.

      Therefore, yes, a false prophecy would cause great harm to the country, but especially to the church. And no, it would not lead to repentance of the whole nation. Why? Simply because it is a false prophecy. If some people repent, it would be in spite of false prophets, not because of them.

  14. And I don’t think that Moses, the Prophets and Jesus himself will laugh on this matter because they’re not like that of the Pharisees, Sadducee and the High Priest, that are so much legalistic on doctrinal issue!

    1. Yes, Moses, and all the Prophets and Jesus himself will laugh at everyone who believes in this nonsense and say, “The Jubilee and Daniel 9 is not about the Philippines!”

  15. Is it worthwhile that our country Philippines will be prosperous in exchange for spritual blindness?

    I’ve heard the jubilee of the Philippines on 2010 and I really think it is a very bad  mis-interpretation of the scripture. I’m not really sure if it is out of desperation to add Biblical destiny for the plight of our country. It feels like fitting a round peg into a square hole.
    I’m a charismatic, and I hold on that prophecy and visions continues today, but this particular prophecy does not refer to the destiny of the Philippines, but to the first comming of the Messiah, and his atonement.

    Heresies does hurt the church, and many are led astray by such false doctrines. I wonder where are the spirit of Bereans among our God’s people? 

    1. It’s not just a bad interpretation. It’s the interpretation of Biblically illiterate people who do not have any training in sound doctrine and hermeneutics. This is the kind of stuff from where cults proceed.

      1. Shame on us Christian! We’re so legalistic! We major on minor. We minor on major. Whether the prophecy is right or wrong, we have a duty and responsibility to elect or choose a righteous-servant leader!

        1. I don’t know what you mean by being “legalistic.” Could you explain? Being sound in doctrine is not “legalism.” It is commanded by the Bible.

          Discerning truths from lies and pointing out false prophets is not a minor thing. In the OT, death by stoning is the penalty for being a false prophet.

          Read what Hosea 4:6 says about idolatrous Israel who had no knowledge, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me.” Evangelicals today who are Biblically illiterate are the children of these foolish Israelites.

          The only thing you said that makes some sense is the Christian’s “responsibility to elect or choose a righteous-servant leader.”

  16. jonah prophesied that niniveh will be destroyed by God. It did not happen because God himself changed his mind, for the people humbled themselves and turned from their wicked ways! Let me ask you a question pastor? IS JONAH a FALSE PROPHET or NOT?

    1. Jonah’s prophecy is not unconditional. The condition was that if the Ninevites repented, God will relent. Jonah knows this condition is included, when he angrily prayed to the Lord after Nineveh was spared by God, “O Lord, is not this what I said when I was yet in my country? That is why I made haste to flee to Tarshish; for I knew that you are a a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and a relenting from disaster” (Jon 4:2). Even the king of Nineveh hoped that it is conditional, “Who knows? God may turn and relent and turn from his fierce anger, so that we may not perish” (Jon 3:9).

      One of the responsibilities of prophets is to warn the people of impending disaster, so they may turn back to God and prevent the disaster from being fulfilled. For example, Jeremiah appeals to Judah during the time of the Babylonian invasion,

      “If at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it, and if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I intended to do to it” (Jer 18:7–8).

      Many prophecies are conditional since a response of repentance or hardness of heart will be met with God’s appropriate response. Repentance is the goal of the prophets’ warnings of impending disaster.

      But when God “relents” or does not send judgment, it doesn’t mean he “changed his mind,” (that is the heresy of “Open Theism”) for God is immutable–“there is no variation or shadow due to change” with God (Jas 1:17). He himself says, “For I the Lord do not change” (Mal 3:6). Why is it that he doesn’t change his mind? Because he is all-powerful and all-knowing, God is described as “declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose” (Isa 46:10).

      So, to our finite minds, we understand the salvation of the Ninevites as a change of heart of God. But the Bible says that from eternity past, God already knew–because he has ordained–that the Ninevites would repent as a response to Jonah’s warning. Jonah, like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and all of God’s prophets, is not a false prophet.

  17. Let us all fast and pray for the Philippines (especially this coming election) and for one another. After all, we are the (united) Body of Christ in the Philippines. May we always be aware of His presence so that we can humble ourselves to Him and to our brothers and sisters in Christ so that we wouldn’t use our God-given gifts just to attack and hurt each other. Love one another as in John 13:34. If you can, join the 3-day national Prayer and Fasting Assembly at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium, April 22-24, 2010, 6 PM to 6 PM the next day.

    1. I agree that we must pray for one another, and not “attack and hurt each other.” But we are also commanded to diligently study the Scriptures in order to discern false teachers and false teachings. If we don’t do this for the sake of unity, the church will descend into apostasy and be condemned by God. We are to love one another, but also speak the truth.

  18. Mga kababayan huwag na po nating pagtalunan pa ang mga salita ng Diyos ng dahil sa ating kanya kanyang paniniwala dahil hindi naman po nararapat. Ang sa akin lamang po is kung meron ba kayong anak na babae at may mga nanliligaw, sino po ba ang nanaisin ninyong mapangasawa ng inyong anak na babae? Iyon po bang may takot sa Diyos o wala? Siguro naman po lahat tayo is magkakasundo sa sagot sa tanong kong ito. Parehas lamang po kung sino ang gugustuhin nating maging leader ng ating bansa. Mas mainam na po ang may takot sa Diyos di po ba?

    Para po sa kinabukasan ng ating mga anak at sa ikauunlad ng ating bansang Pilipinas.

    1. The Bible commands us to be discerning and “to contend for the faith that was entrusted once for all to the saints.” We are not to sit back when all around us there are false prophets and false teachers.

      As for whether the qualification for being a president is merely being a Christian, then one has to look extremely hard for a Christian head of state who was successful in governing his country. Probably to ridicule the foolishness of this thinking, a 16th century Protestant Reformer said, he would rather have for a king “a wise Turk (Muslim) than a foolish Christian.”

      Of course, all people of any nation desire peace and prosperity, but let us use sound doctrine and thinking.

  19. Never heard of such, maybe because I don’t go out as much now. By the way, have you seen Eddie Villanueva’s speech in Quibuloy’s church? I nearly gagged with his words.

  20. Good day to everyone in this blog!
    Let me weigh our thoughts on our issue for all of us has reasons. Reasons are our convictions and convictions are our belief for truth. Truth are maybe biased depending on our input and influence. But the Bible is an absolute truth. Yet it is much debated each claiming to have the right interpretation and application resulting in the slicing of the body of Christ which has ruined relationship among the people of God breeding myriads of denominations in Christendom.
    Let me ask you dear reader is there a chance for the believers of Christ to be united as was prayed by our Lord in John 17?
    Thank you.

  21. Ptr.Wesley Pantanilla

    Firstly, Matt.4:4 says “Man does not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD that COMES out from the “mouth of God.”(emphasis mine) God still speaks to His people through dreams, visions, the Bible, impressions, circumstances, preaching and godly advice. Jesus used the word “…every word that comes out.. He didn’t say CAME out, referring to the written word. It only means that God still speaks if we listen to Him. Of course the Bible is the standard of our lives and anything that God will say in this present age should conform to the Bible but it does not mean that God doesn’t speak anymore. I just want the other people in this site to know that. You can of course question what I just said but think about it – is God mute? Doesn’t He speak to us through the channels that I mentioned earlier? Doesn’t He “quicken” or “highlight” a passage in the Bible for us when we ask Him for direction or comfort? The same thing is true with God speaking today. Yet I must reiterate that all His word must adhere to the Bible because it is our standard in life.
    Secondly, Bro.Eddie Villanueva is just an instrument. He is not the revival – he is just an instrument that God will use to bring transformation in our country. If God called Villar or Noynoy or any candidate out there to be the instrument for change, I will support that person all the way. Just think about it, why would God use someone who is not His to start transformation? Of course He used heathen kings in the past, but He used them to punish Israel, His chosen people. If we will not believe that God will not bring transformation to our country then why pray at all? Why hope at all? Why care at all? Doesn’t everyone hopes that God will do something about our lowly nation? Don’t we pray that God will move in our country? Do we pray that God would bless our nation? Or do we only pray that God will bless us personally? If there is anyone out there that God CAN use at this time, I will support that person. It just so happened that it’s Bro.Eddie Villanueva. Would you rather have a bright politician sit as our country’s head or a man of God who fears God and would do things right for our country like in the days of David, Josiah, Hezekiah and other righteous kings in Israels past?
    Lastly, it is not wrong to quote or get from the Scripture words  that God is putting in our hearts. Isn’t that what we do when we preach? We use the Bible when we give counsel to people. I see nothing wrong when the Intercessors for the Philippines used the JUBILEE year for our nation. It’s in the Bible and it is really been 490 years since the cross was planted on our nation. So why not believe it? Have you done JERICHO walks? How about WASHING of the feet? It’s in the same line. If we believe it, we are not damned nor deceived. But if we don’t – we would be like that poor captain in Israel (2kings 7) who did not believe the word of the Lord and did not experience what the 4 leprous men that entered the Aramean camp experienced.
    If a prophet is speaking truth through the word of God,we tested it and have confirmed it to be in accordance to the written word, then believe it. If otherwise, then dismiss it and let God deal with that prophet. Let us not judge so that we won’t be judged.
    God bless the Philippines! God bless us all!

    1. How does one know the decretive will of God? What happens to all of the false prophets today? Who are they accountable to? In the OT, if a prophet pronounces even one false teaching, he must be stoned to death.

      The IFP is proven from the word of God to be false teachers, and they have to be judged, not according to human opinion, but by God’s word. You should study more. Many Filipino “pastors” are self-proclaimed, lacking in knowledge and discernment, and so mislead people, and are accountable to God for their heresies, such as your so-called Jubilee of Jubilees, a concoction of false prophets. Read your Bible and ask other Bible teachers, but not those from your own ilk. It would be like asking for a second or third opinion when you’re seriously ill.

      As I said, Old Testament Israel was the only holy nation ever chosen by God. No nation today–Israel, America, the Philippines–is God’s kingdom. The church is God’s chosen nation today, and its duty is never to transform a nation, but to preach the gospel to all nations and build up the church.

      We don’t pray for the Philippines to become God’s holy nation because this is not God’s will. If we pray for this, we know we are praying against God’s will, and it’s a violation of God’s word to pray against his will. When we pray, we are to pray for the salvation of family, friends, i.e., people, not for a country to be God’s blessed, chosen nation.

      Thus, your prophecies will never come true. And when E.V. loses, then you put a guilt trip on your fellow Christians, which you should never do. Because it is never a commandment in the New Testament that Christians should vote for specific politicians, even if they’re Christians. You’re binding the conscience of your brethren on something that is not found in Scriptures.

    2. Jericho walks? Where in Scripture do you find this commanded to Christians?

      Foot washing? Calvin called this “buffoonery.” Please read this.

    3. Ask any little child in the church, “How does God speak to you?” And most probably, he would say, “By reading the Bible.” We don’t teach them the song, “Read your Bible, pray everyday” for nothing. They’re better than all of you who consult all kinds of false prophets to know what God has to say.

      God speaks to us today when we read his words, because he’s the Author of the Scriptures. If we have a question regarding God, we’re not to go to the horoscope or consult our crystal ball. But that’s what your false prophets are, because the only truth we can learn are from the Scriptures. Your false prophets are your horoscopes and crystal balls.

    4. 1. Kapatid, you have to go to a sound bible school before calling yourself a pastor.
      2. The basic principle of hermeneutics is to interpret a text in context.  
      3. This personal interpretations led to multiple pseudo Christianities. 
      4. In 2 Samuel 21, King David, with the permission of God, participated in child sacrifice. Baka pag nabasa nyo ito ay magkaroon na rin kayo ng child sacrificing sevices?
      5. How about having wine drinking fellowship commemorating Christ’s first miracle? 
      6. Using the Scriptures beyond its context is a dangerous thing. Very dangerous. In fact the forgery of the ending of Mark led Jim Jones’s campaign of mass suicide.

  22. its not about bro. eddie mga bro. its about God s agenda for the philippines. alam nyo po kung nais i bless ng Diyos ang isang bansa hindi po sya gagamit ng hindi totong christian db. dapat alm ang salita ng Diyos at my  takot sa kanya. hindi po pwede si noynoy, si villar, erap, gordon, gibo, jc, nick, o c jamby. kc hindi po cla katulad natin n mga true christian.

  23. Eunice Garvida

    Naniniwala ako sa prophecy tungkol sa ating bansa…
    Sorry po kung nakikisingit ako sa inyo dito.. Hindi po ako pastor, hindi din ako isang  elder ng church namen. Aaminin ko din po hindi ako theologian na alam lahat ng verses sa bible. Isa lamang po akong estudyante (19 years old) na nangangrarap ng isang magandang kinabukasan para sa akin at para sa lahat.
    Nang unang beses ko pong marinig itong balitang ito, nabuhayan ako ng loob sa kabila ng lahat ng nagyayareng kahirapan at katiwalian at kaharasan sa ating bansa MAY NAGHIHINTAY PA PALANG PAG-ASA PARA SA ATIN…. Yung  termino na PAGASA ay hindi tumutukoy kay Bro Eddie. Kundi sa napakagandang plano ng Diyos para sa atin.
    Ang pinagtataka ko lang po sa inyo ay bakit tila hindi kayo natutuwa? o kahit man lang ma-excite sa napakagandang balita na ito… Ganun na ba kababa ang tingin nyo sa ATING BANSA? PILIPINO din po kayo.. TAYO.. and I’m very sure that you would want to see the Philippines to redeemed itself to the whole world.
    At ang kinalulungkot ko pa po bakit kelangan pang tawanan ang INTERCESSORS FOR THE PHILIPPINES…  They have been praying for our country for almost two decades now. Dapat nga po sinasamahan pa natin sila sa pagdadasal… Para sa akin hindi po ito isang kathang isip lamang o GIMMICK na ginagamit sa kampanya… Last year pa po ito bago pa nagdecide si Bro Eddie na tumakbo… MARCH 09 2009 (hindi ko makakalimutan to, debut ko po yan)
    Nalulungkot po ako habang binabasa ko ang article nyo at mga comments na ibang tao.
    Hindi ko po kayo pinipilit na paniwalaan ang prophecy na ito pero ang sa akin lang…

    (to the author… you may want to conduct further research on your said article… there are some wrong details and lacking facts on it…)
    i will pray for you sir.. that you may have deeper understanding regarding this amazing love of Christ to our Country… You dwell too much on physical aspects even though you have presented many verses from the BIBLE regarding the said matter thus you tend to miss the SPIRITUAL side of things…


    eunice garvida (Nursing Student)

    1. Hi Eunice. Sorry for not responding soon enough. Your comment got buried under all the other comments.

      I don’t have joy, no matter how good the news is, if the news is based on false teachings such as this Jubilee thing. If you go to a sound Bible school (not Pentecostal/Charismatic, because many of them are not sound), you will find out that most of the teachers will really laugh at this kind of nonsense.

      Moreover, our hope is not on men, government or kings. It is on Christ. And the purpose of God is not to bring about a theocracy in the Philippines, or any other country. The purpose of God is to save all the elect and to edify the church to prepare for the return of Christ.

      And think about this: even if all “evangelicals” voted for EV, he doesn’t have even a smudge of a chance, because only 5 percent of the whole population is “evangelical.” Then when he doesn’t get elected, you will blame the whole nation for lack of faith.

  24. If you think it is true then believe it but if you think its not true then don’t 🙂

    Discern the spirit  by the Holy Spirit not by human wisdom(ex. Matt. 9:4, Mark 1:34) because He is the only one that can prove the spirits are from God or not. In fact, Satan himself uses the biblical verses to condemn us (Temptation of the Lord passage) :)  1cor 3 :19

    one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit is Discerning spirits by the Spirits (1cor 12:10)

    Do not judge so that you will not be judge (Matt. 7:1)

    Preach The Gospel Of Christ to the ends of the world.PERIOD

    my advice as a fellow brother in Christ,

    Brother stop wasting your time on doing things like this rather wait upon the Lord and He Himself will teach you what is wrong and what is right 🙂

    You are probably just concern about other believers as well that you don’t want them to be led astray 🙂

    bless you brother

    1. The only thing that matters is what the Bible says, not what we think. And studying Scripture, teaching others about it, and exposing heresies like this are the best use of a believer’s time.

  25. Thank God I am not alone in opposing this prophetic lies in our country and it is sad Bro. Eddie and company is so much drawn to this folly. The ‘jubilee’ thing is an invention of this political organizer in order to lure Christians to vote for Bro. Eddie and company. And I am sorry to say this that in my personal analysis, correct me if I’m wrong that this kind of gimmick is tantamount to what the crusaders did when confronted with a strong and larger army at that time, whence, convincing a king if my memory is right that in order to ask his support showed a golden letter allegedly from Peter telling him to help fight against their enemy. And they did won courtesy of the alleged golden letter from Peter! Hehehehehe…
    Far be it from us.

  26. It’s shameful to admit that I was one of those who were deceived to believe such preaching. The owners of our company has been inviting “prophets” to preach about the so-called “Jubilee Year of the Philippines.” We even had a corporate fasting last year as a preparation for year 2010. I actually joined the fast though did not succeed (for it was just like diet for me). Until now, a lot of employees here hold on to what Cindy Jacobs and the likes prophesied.

    1. No need to be “ashamed.” I once was a believer in all kinds of doctrines and practices that I vehemently disagree today. We all have things in the past that we don’t even want to talk about.

  27. Great article, Ptr. Nollie. I only heard about this Jubilee thing from my friends who attend a big charismatic church. These friends of mine are reformed so just imagine their disgust. We were actually appalled by this, but at the same time, we found it really ridiculous. Also, isn’t what they’re doing numerology?

    I have seen and heard Cindy Jacobs prophesy in 2004 during a youth conference in Baguio. She prophesied about revival coming from Mindanao, and from the universities in Manila. It actually made my hair stand to their ends when she consistently and audaciously uttered “Thus saith the Lord.” My students had the chance to meet her and she prophesied over them, too. It looked to me like she had prophecies ready for everybody. She also had this preposterous prophecy on Isaiah 53:8’s highway to holiness where she claimed that this “highway” is Interstate 35 or I35 (which means, according to her, Isaiah 35). Goodness, she had a lot of people camping up there for some time!

    Regarding what Ptr. Noel said above, I believe Cindy Jacobs anointed Bro. Eddie, and yet again prophesied that he is God’s chosen one. I heard that when Bro. Eddie didn’t win last election, the “prophets” said that people lacked prayer so God kind of withheld the fulfillment of the prophecy. Well, maybe they’ll get it right this time and vote for Bro. Eddie, because if they don’t and Bro. Eddie doesn’t win, they will be accountable to God.

    I just pray that Christians will stop getting sucked in to this kind of prophetic brouhaha!

    1. This can only be two things: (1) blinded by Satan; or (2) blinded by money. And you’re right. This is numerology. But not just numerology. What you related about her teachings and followers is just plain stupidity.

  28. Excellent article, Nolllie! Cindy Jacobs was the prophetess that prophesied that God wants Bro Eddie Villanueva to join the political festival again with a promise that he will win if the wider Body of Christ in the Phils will discern….that is….support Eddie’s candidacy. If Eddie lost, it’s not God’s fault but the Body of Christ in the Phils who didnt vote for Eddie.
    Pastor Noel Cunanan

    1. Here’s what Christian Research Institute (Hank Hanegraaf, President) says about her:

      This article first appeared in the News Watch column of the Christian Research Journal, volume 22, number 1 (1999). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to:

      The two cassette tapes are eerie. One speaker, Bill Hamon, urges the congregation to invite “war angels” into the sanctuary and uses sound effects — “Whish!” — as he suggests the angels are arriving. Another speaker, Cindy Jacobs, foresees revival coming to the Latter-day Saints Temple in Salt Lake City and to Freemasons within the Southern Baptist Convention. She speaks of God giving instant sex-change operations to transvestites on New Orleans’s debauched Bourbon Street. She notes that the anointing of the Holy Spirit now resides in her left arm, having moved from her right arm.

      The National School of Prophets. Cindy Jacobs of Generals of Intercession in Colorado Springs dominates much of the service documented by the two tapes from January 29. Jacobs paints on a broad canvas — from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas to New Orleans to Washington, D.C.

      “The Lord says, ‘I have waited for so long,’” declares Jacobs. “And the Lord says, ‘Surely I will cleanse the land of the sexual sin that came with Brigman [sic] Young, and I will bring a purity to the youth of Salt Lake City that will astound.’” Jacobs’s voice increases in intensity with each new sentence. “‘Utah will be mine. It will be a jewel in my crown,’ and [shouting now] the Lord says ‘revival will come to the least likely place.’”

      Jacobs later says electricity will go out for six days in Las Vegas, possibly after a lightning strike, but she qualifies this by saying she isn’t sure if this is a literal or a metaphorical event. Still later, Jacobs hears the words “Mardi Gras” as someone is speaking in tongues during the National School of Prophets.

      “The Lord is showing me this about why we can’t break the Mardi Gras spirit,” says Jacobs, “Oh, I see it so clearly. He said ‘the Mardi Gras spirit is a spirit of entertainment. Because of the hours that you worship and you give yourself to that temple, the hours that you mindlessly give yourself over to the river of filth and the videos you see, my body is so polluted, you have no power to judge Bourbon Street.’”

      “’You — you — have given yourself to idols,’” she continues. “’You have worshipped at a temple, a temple made of the god of entertainment.’”

      Eventually, though, she speaks a word of hope for New Orleans: “Bourbon Street will have new wine. And the Lord says, ‘I’m going to send my young people, my young Elijahs, to these streets — and they’re gonna heal transvestites, and they’re gonna have sex-change operations just like that. I’m gonna give them what they need. I’m gonna be their lover.’”

      Jacobs refers to Masonic influence in the design of Washington, D.C., and sees God ripping the Washington Monument out of the ground — but again qualifies her prophecy by saying she does not know if this will be a literal event.

      1. Ernie A. Palacio

        While I might disagree with some of your pronouncements, I think it is a very healthy exercise to put under the powerful and liberating Light of the Scriptures what might well be pretenders, fake prophets and false doctrines. For far too long we have been too ‘accepting’ of the ‘new revelations’ especially the ones espoused by imported Christian celebrities, The greater part of the Christian community has been cowed to submission for fear of suffering persecution from the ‘religious establishment’.
        Nevertheless, tread carefully my friend. the Intercessors for the Philippines might in their passion for this nation fail and falter at one time or another but their humility to accept correction is known. Great men and movements have their share of inadequacies that is why our life and service is all by the grace of God.

        1. Thanks for the reminder Ernie. While I don’t know the IFP much, and I don’t keep track what they teach (other than this JoJ thing), I know some friends from JIL who tell me that nothing has changed. JIL is still preaching a prosperity gospel, and many of its teachings are way out of line. If they repent of their false teachings, then we thank God.

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