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It’s increasingly apparent that it will be very difficult for Christian individuals, churches, schools and other like organizations who will not tow the line on the recent SCOTUS decision that the state bans on same-sex marriage are no longer legal in America. And this is just the beginning of a worldwide trend.

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Says David Strain of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS:

If anyone had any doubts before, the decision to legalize same-sex marriage has made it abundantly clear that a tectonic shift that has taken place in the moral consensus of this country. It’s a shift that now officially normalizes what was once scandalous, and makes offensive the orthodox Christian understanding of Biblical morality and sexual ethics, effectively punting millennia of ethical teaching to the margins … Whatever the new social and political reality, there is simply no such thing as same sex marriage. The term is an oxymoron.

Nevertheless, we do need to face the new social and political reality with our eyes wide open, and ask ourselves what this might mean for the people of God in these days. And the first thing to say is that clearly we must be prepared to be bear the cost that following Jesus Christ inevitably is going to entail. The LGBTQI community has largely won the national debate, and it has done so in no small measure by successfully equating in the public mind opposition to same sex-marriage with the terrible poison of racism, so that now, to take the biblical view and simply to oppose same sex unions, and to reject homosexuality as sin, is to be labeled a bigot and an extremist on a par with hate groups and white supremacists. Brothers and sisters, there will be hard and painful and costly days ahead and we must prepare ourselves to bear the reproach of Christ, and to suffer with him outside the camp, because of our commitment to Biblical truth.

Already, it is becoming clear that Christian para-church educational and philanthropic institutions will face penalties for their failure to comply with the new ruling. Similarly, I do not believe it will be long before religious protections will dissolve, and biblically faithful Churches will lose their tax-exempt status if they refuse to conform to the new ruling. I doubt I need explain the enormous financial impact on the church, should that take place. (emphases added)

Christians are on the threshold of perilous times.


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