At least that was the recollection of one of the respondents in a survey of 900 Britons published by St. John’s College, Durham University under the auspices of the National Biblical Literacy Survey. Other things said in the survey include:

  • "Wasn’t he the man who helped the woman at the well?" (when asked about the Good Samaritan)
  • "David and Goliath" is the name of a ship.

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Biblical illiteracy is astounding:

  • Two parables, the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son, are unknown to 60 percent.
  • Half were clueless about who Samson and Delilah were.
  • A third (only?) had no idea what the Feeding of the 5,000 was all about.
  • 40 percent didn’t know from where the idea of Christmas gift-giving came.

Hilarious, if it’s not scary, knowing that this is the state of evangelicalism worldwide.


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