The Latin Mass and its Sibling, Evangelical Worship

“It has been said that the traditional Latin Mass is the most beautiful thing this side of heaven… The service “draws you in bodily by appealing to the physical senses, but it also provokes and draws in the soul.” says one worshiper. And he “feels closer to God when he smells the burning incense, hears the bells intone, and sees the symphony of symbolic gestures and movements among the congregants.”

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Reformed Worship Part 2: Worship Must Be Biblical

The entertainment gimmicks in many churches today are in effect Rome’s “dumb images” which teach believers nothing but idolatry. God’s people are to be taught by the preaching of God’s Word, not by all kinds of “innovations and devisings” by sinful minds who think they are “wiser than God” in their foolish creativity.

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