4 Tragic Results of Pagan Contemporary Worship

Music is viewed as a means to facilitate an encounter with God; it will move us closer to God. In this schema, music becomes a means of mediation between God and man. But this idea is closer to ecstatic pagan practices than to Christian worship.

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Church History

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

During the week before Christmas Day, seven “Great ‘O’ Antiphons,” each of them in praise and wonderment (“O”) of an Old Testament name for the coming Messiah, were chanted.

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Church & Culture

“Reforming Worship” by Michael Horton

So too, today, churches are now like shopping malls. And the smaller, more traditional churches that can’t afford the lights, cameras and action watch their congregations run off to the biggest, latest mall that’s just been built on the outskirts of town. The problem is, you can see a mall that was built just a decade ago and it’s already out-of-fashion. Its shops are closing one by one because the consumers have now moved over to the latest megamall.

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Resources for Preparing for Communion Sunday

This time of quiet and rest from regular work gives people time to search their lives and souls with a view to confession of sin … focus on Psalms and Scriptures related to conviction of sin, contrition and repentance.

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