“She Gave Birth to A Male Child” Whom the Dragon Wanted to Devour

God will nourish and preserve you in your pilgrimage through this wilderness of sin. He nourishes your souls when you read and hear the preaching of his Word and when you partake of the Lord’s Supper. These are your weapons against Satan’s raging flood of wicked lies and deceptions through false teachers and others who would destroy the church.

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Armageddon: Mother of All Wars or Mount of Assembly?

Our text concerns the sixth seal, in which demonic forces assemble at the place called Armageddon. Two great forces, Satanic forces and God’s holy people, meet here for the final battle on the great day of God. And like the persecuted Christians in the first century, we who are Christ’s soldiers are warned to watch and always be prepared for this God-appointed battle.

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The Unshakable Church

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 22:15-25; Revelation 3:7-13 A sermon preached on January 17, 2009 at Davao United Covenant Reformed Church on the occasion of their 10th

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