“After my 15th rededication … faith was almost completely extinguished”

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I’ve heard many evangelicals’ tales of their futile search for a church home which ended in a confessional Reformed church. Below is a blogger’s “testimony” of his discouraging search, an all-too-familiar story:

My search led me to a very large Southern Baptist Church which I enjoyed greatly, but I still had the nagging guilt that I was a sinner and possibly outside of God’s grace. These were some miserable years. I was obsessed with following Jesus, but convinced that He pretty much hated me because of whatever sin was troubling me at the time. I heard the gospel at that Baptist Church, but after my fifteenth rededication realized that this wasn’t doing it for me either.

Shortly thereafter, my wife and I moved to California and discovered the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Finally, we had found what we needed. God’s Spirit was “moving powerfully,” renewing believers who were discouraged and defeated, people were being converted to Christ, and there were all these really cool “manifestations” of God’s “power,” or so we thought. After a string of scandals we were having some serious reservations. Then the “prophets”showed up. They were clearly false prophets expounding heretical doctrines and using threats of God’s judgment against any who would question them. By this time we had become deeply involved in this ministry, but it was just too much. I declared a church fast and we quit attending church altogether. We quit our small group, we quit working with the ministry to the homeless; we just stopped everything. Our faith was almost completely extinguished.

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