7 Theses Against the Federal re-Vision-ist Heresy of Final Justification by Works

Previously posted as, “Faithful Presbyterian and Reformed Churches Reject Federal re-Vision-ist Heresy of Final Justification by Works”

In 2015, Purely Presbyterian wrote:

Reformed Christians should reject outright the aberrant teaching known as “Federal Vision” (FV) theology (AKA “Auburn Avenue Theology”).

As R.C. Sproul said before the PCA’s 35th General Assembly (2007):

I can’t fathom why there’s any hesitancy about [rejecting Federal Vision]. There’s too much at stake—this is the Gospel we’re talking about.

So far the ARP, OPC, PCA, RCUS, URCNA, OCRC, WPCUS, RPCUS and the RPCNA have all made public statements rejecting the FV. Some are bold enough to call it (rightly, in my opinion) “heresy.”

So here are some official statements written by major Presbyterian and Reformed denominations against the Federal re-Vision-ists.

1. United Reformed Churches in North America:

2. Orthodox Presbyterian Church (page 88):

3. Presbyterian Church in America (page 2235):

4. Reformed Church in the United States (page 29):

5. Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly:

6. Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church, Greeneville, Tennessee:

7. Also, Westminster Seminary California:


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