129 Strange Church Names


convergencelogo_alternateI’ve always wondered where and how and why churches these days have such weird, unbiblical names, such as Elevation or Convergence or Salvage Yard.

So as I googled these church names, I stumbled upon this Christianity Today article written six years ago. In “A Church By Any Other Name…” the writer compiled a list of really strange names for churches. Rare are names that actually has “Church,” “Christ” or Christian,” and identity such as “Baptist,” “Presbyterian,” or “Methodist.”

To be “relevant” and “hip” and “contemporary,” churches don’t want to be known as “church.”

The other big reason for this weirdness is that most of these “churches” are Biblically illiterate, so they couldn’t use words from the Bible. Or they just plain hate Biblical words, like The Message.

So instead of “redemption,” they have “Renovation” or “Revolution”; instead of “exaltation,” it’s “Elevation”; instead of “congregation,” they have “Convergence” or “Warehouse” or “Salvage Yard” or “Scum of the Earth”; instead of “pilgrimage” or “sojourning,” they have “Journey” or “Expedition”; instead of “worship,” it’s “Celebration”; instead of “inheritance,” it’s “Legacy”; instead of “holy,” it’s “Relevant.”

And the weirdness continues. Do you know of other strange church names?


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