10 Most Common Nonsense AGAINST Reformed Infant Baptism

CovenantBaptismIn my conversations with many Filipino Baptist and other credobaptist (believers’ only baptizers) friends, they always argue based on some really bad presuppositions. They’re actually delusions. Here are some of them, and I’m not going to explain why these are delusions.

  1. “So you baptize infants because you know they have faith?”
  2. “Do you baptize infants so they will be saved?”
  3. “When you baptize infants, it means you accept unbelievers in your church.”
  4. “Isn’t this a Roman Catholic practice?”
  5. “When you sprinkle or pour water on infants, isn’t this a Roman Catholic practice?”
  6. The Greek word for “baptism” always means “immersion.”
  7. “Do you baptize only infants, not adults?”
  8. “Do you baptize infants of unbelievers?”
  9. “Why do you call our unbaptized children “pagans” (ethnos)?
  10. “So are you saying that our unbaptized children are just like those people who wear nothing but gourds and grass skirts hunting each other with spears and machetes?”

Ask Reformed paedobaptist scholars, not your run-of-the-mill credobaptist pastors and teachers who will just rehash the same delusions above.

Do your own research, starting with the articles below.

Know first WHAT we Reformed/Presbyterians believe and WHY. (Or you’ll be like those who criticize the INC or Quiboloy without even knowing what they teach.)

Hopefully, you’ll get these things straightened out before you argue against us.


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